About Us

We are diverse group of IT professionals who enjoy new challenges and take pride in our work. We also strive to help out other local businesses when we can and want to contribute to creating a Silicon Prairie culture in Des Moines. We work with a variety of technologies and platforms including:

  • Responsive web using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Ruby on Rails
  • iOS for iPhone and iPad
  • Android (Java)
  • ASP.NET for websites and installed applications
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Erin headshot

Erin Rollenhagen


Erin graduated from the University of Iowa with degrees in Economics and MIS. She has experience working as a developer, designer and team leader on a variety of projects from small company websites to large governmental projects.

Erin has founded or co-founded 3 tech startups and serves on the board of directors for the Technology Association of Iowa.


Rose Rollenhagen

Quality Assurance Specialist & Bookkeeper

Rose came to ET with a wide variety of business experience, including bookkeeping, office management, flower growing, and teaching horticulture at ISU for 9 years. In addition to bookkeeping at ET, she is our quality assurance specialist. From a user’s perspective, she enjoys testing the apps and websites that the developers have created.

Rose lives on an acreage south of Ames with her husband, Keith.


Abby Jones

Senior Developer

Abby is a UNI computer science program graduate. With a diverse background of projects in a number of different languages, she's always ready to tackle a new challenge and keeps a sharp eye out for possible user friendliness improvements or technical enhancements.


Scott Olsen

Lead Developer

Scott enjoys building web apps with Ruby on Rails and pedaling around the sweet Iowa bike trails. He hates writing bios and if you’re a recruiter reading this, please dont even think about contacting him.


Julie Kent


Julie is a soon-to-be MBA with a passion for solving business problems with technology. In addition to starting her own (albeit failed) company, Julie has worked at several Fortune 500 companies in a variety of roles. She brings a unique skill set that allows her to contribute on multiple fronts -- coding one day and tweeting the next! In her spare time she enjoys following her favorite sports teams, spending time with her dogs, and learning new things.


Jamie Ethington

Junior Developer

Jamie is a Simpson Grad with a double major in Math and Computer Science. When he's not slinging code you can find him doing some major head banging to his favorite heavy metal bands. He is also very skilled in the arts of the cannon ball.


Lucy the Corgi

Chewer of Plastic, Creator of Lucy on Rails

Lucy is a power player who always brings the noise to daily standups. Her duties include greeting visitors, tail (stump) chasing, and chewing on anything within 10" of the floor. She's also a phenom with Visual FoxPro.

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