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Erin's book is here and available for purchase!

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“I couldn’t put it down!” Morgan J.

“I have loved every word, had many ah-ha moments and even reread a few things to let it sink in. It’s that good.” Christa B.

“If you want a book that will challenge you to think bigger, have a greater impact, and grow with compassion, check out this book.” Katie G.

When you start out on any new venture, you have a vision. You’re excited about your mission. You’re not worried about what other people think or what could go wrong. You just want to get in there and make a difference. Then reality sets in. The world can be a cold, hard place. Little by little, your focus turns from chasing your dreams to survival. At some point you find yourself asking, Am I cut out for this? Why are life and business so hard?

Erin Rollenhagen, Owner and CEO of Entrepreneurial Technologies, knows this journey well. As an entrepreneur in the field of technology, she is accustomed to navigating a world where everything about her—from her appearance to her management style—is not the norm. But Erin believes that business doesn’t have to be cutthroat and heartless, and your authenticity is one of your greatest assets. In this book, you’ll explore your own journey and how to silence the inner battles and get back to what you love to do. Through the stories, research, and practical tips of Soul Uprising, you’ll learn how to strip away the armor that is holding you back and step fully into the role you are meant for—with no apologies.

“I was a faded postcard of the woman I set out to be. I was showing up as who I thought I had to be, not the real me. And the real me, the woman who came into this industry to help people and lead with her heart, was angry. She wasn’t about to go down without a fight.” — Erin Rollenhagen, Soul Uprising

Soul Uprising is available for purchase through this link.