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From iPhone apps and Android apps to tablet apps, we've got you covered from early exploration through design, development and support.

Should we build an app?

This is often the first question clients ask themselves. In a world where app and web functionality overlap and costs vary widely, this can be tricky to answer. As both web and mobile developers we can help you understand pros and cons and make the best decision for the goals of your project.

Platform Decisions

Mobile app development can seem to offer a dizzying number of options. Xamarin? ReactNative? Objective C? Swift? Java? HTML5 with a native wrapper? They all have selling points, but the decision on which to use can be make or break for a project's long term success. We'll work to understand the unique needs of your project and make a recommendation that best balances cost, features, performance, and future maintainability.

Mobile App Design

Phone and tablet interaction may seem similar to desktop, but there are nuances that make a critical difference in user experience. These range from the capabilities of the device itself, to the mentality of the user, the realities of designing for an unpredictable physical environment. We've designed apps for conditions such as offline communications, noisy emergency vehicles, livestock feedlots, and music festivals. Bring us your challenges – we'll figure out how to overcome them.

Rock Solid Development and Support

All of that careful planning and design lays the groundwork for our award-winning development. We use an agile methodology so you're able to see and touch the project as it evolves, and support it before, during and after launch with our best-in-class Help Desk and monitoring.

We Do

Android Development

Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop...whatever your flavor, we'll help you cut through the sugar and make an app with substance.

iOS Development

iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iTouch...different form factors but the same focus on user experience and ease of use. We'll even help you navigate the nuances of the App Store.

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